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The death of Comrade Pansare is extremely disturbing and harrowing

Press Release: The death of Comrade Pansare is extremely disturbing and harrowing


Comrade Govind Pansare, who was attacked by unidentified assailants on 16th February, 2015, has succumbed to his injuries after battling with death for four long days. The persons responsible for the attack on him and his wife have still not been found and arrested. Aam Aadmi Party pays heart-felt tribute to Comrade Pansare, and urges the Maharashtra Government to nab the perpetrators of this crime at the earliest. Just as the killers of Comrade Pansare have not been found, the killers of Dr Narendra Dabholkar are also still at large. As a result of this, the Government has made itself vulnerable to suspicion that its agencies may be supporting those behind attacks on Maharashtra's progressive ideas and traditions.

A staunch democrat himself, Govind Pansare was at the forefront of the struggle against social injustices and inequality. Apart from being the voice of unorganised labourers, he was also leading the agitation against the exploitation of the toll contractor mafia. He was a strong advocate of inter-caste marriages as a means of countering the practices of discrimination in society.

Comrade Pansare, through simple, plain and concise language, could captivate his audiences in a way that few could. In his book Shivaji kon hota? (Who was Shivaji?) and through his speeches, he attempted to clear the misconceptions about Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, created by the propaganda of religious zealots. He used to recite fascinating accounts of examples of Shivaji Maharaj's administrative genius, of how he was not anti-Muslim, as portrayed by some, among other things.

To share the grief of Comrade Pansare's family and associates, and to offer their heart condolences, AAP Maharshtra Convener Subhash Ware, along with Raju Bhise, Anjali Damania, Subhash Lomte, Farooq Ahmed and Nandu Madhav will be in Kolhapur today. Subhash Ware has said, "All activists today are feeling enraged and disturbed by Comrade Pansare's death. We have to work harder to build a more rational and liberal society.."


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