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AAP Cleans - Citizen engagement for a cleaner India



You can submit via WhatsApp, via Email or using a Web Browser (even on your mobile). Since the submissions are manually approved, it may take a while before it appears in the gallery.
For Whatsapp, here is how you do it 
  1. Add 8588833540 as a contact on your cell phone (lets call this contact xyz)
  2. Go to whatsapp and create a post for xyz
  3. Make a text post with your name, email (email is optional) Thus ex. Rakesh Kumar Singh, or Vikash Malhotra
  4. Share your address. For this, we have 2 options
    1. In android, click on the CLIP icon on top right and then hit Location (it may ask you to turn on location sharing and you can do so)
    2. In iPhone, there is a UP ARROW in a circle to the left of the entry box Hit that and then "Share location".
  5. Now take a photo and share (under the clip for android and a camera icon for the iphones)
For Browser based submission, here is how you do it
  1. Open in your browser or mobile 
  2. It will ask you to share your location. Do allow such that it can make a close estimate of your location. Alternately, you can type in the address
  3. If the auto filled address is not correct, you can edit it to the right address.
  4. The marker (balloon) on the map can be set accurately by dragging and dropping on the exact location
  5. Once you have the address and the marker correctly setup, hit on the Photo button to either upload a photo (or take one with your mobile)
  6. When you submit the form, the next page offers you the choice to add another photo or a link to do this for another location.
For Email based submission, here is how you do it
  1. Send an email to
  2. The subject should be in the format Name, Phone number (optional). Ex. Ramesh Garg, 9810203040 or Hardeep Khemka
  3. The body of the email would have the address, preferably one per line as House and Street Address, City, State, Pin code
    Ex. Apt No, 302, Taj Residency, 
    Tilak Nagar
    New Delhi 
  4. Attach the photos (one or more)
  5. Email it



You can see a gallery of photos submitted and approved so far at 
If you have submitted photos and they do not appear on the site yet, please be patient, each submission is moderated to ensure we do not have any unacceptable content on the site.

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