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Is Democracy in India still being strangled by Money and Muscle?

91 Lok Sabha constituencies went to polls in the first phase of polling for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.  Included in this were all 7 constituencies of Delhi and all 10 constituencies of Haryana.  

Although polling was reported to be relatively peaceful in most areas there were several areas where irregularities were reported.  Reports that in the tribal area of Chattisgarh, where the well- known tribal activist Soni Sori is the AAP candidate, in a particular booth only Soni Sori and 2 other people were allowed to cast their vote. Whilst such a report may be less surprising from a tribal area of Chattisgarh, similar things happening in a widespread manner in the Gurgaon Constituency of Haryana, an area adjacent to metropolitan Delhi is surely shocking.    Read More

How many chances does Hope get?

Did you vote in Hope last December? Probably – if you are in Delhi. Else, you probably  Hoped in the vote last December – if you were watching from outside Delhi. In either case you were probably euphoric about the start and disappointed about the finish of the outcome. Based on this disappointment, a version of the events has been conjured up and marketed to us ceaselessly since then, with great skill and expertise. The same fears which caused you to vote as you did, have been re-packaged and re-sold to us by others and now there are different fathers for all the children that were born of our hopes. The conclusions have been drawn for us and the outcome is being sold as a given and we are seemingly en-route to cruising altitude. Read More

I was an undecided voter...

I decided. I will vote with my conscience. I will vote for peace. I will reject divisiveness. I will vote for change. I vote to bring in a good opposition in the parliament. I vote for AAP. Read More

Was the slapping of Arvind Kejriwal staged?

Charge 1: It was a drama meant to garner sympathy votes - If that be the case, I suggest that both the mainstream parties should also get slapped. I guess, it is much better than butchering people to polarize voters. It also saves time, energy and thousands of Crores. Read More

My brother Mohan

I have always been in awe of him (RajMohan Gandhi)

Mohan is, as always, taller than the circumstances that surround him. That enables him to cast a look that is much longer than and goes well beyond short-term horizons. His standing from the East Delhi seat for the Lok Sabha in the elections that are to take place in the coming days is consistent with his life-long passion to imbue India’s public life with ethical standards, valuational norms  and civilisational redeeming of a kind the world will respect.


LEADER...... Ek Khoj!!!

When talking to people vehemently opposed to Aam Aadmi Party, the one statement that is always repeated is that we need a LEADER for India. And this question has actually been in my mind for a very long time. Every time there are elections a slogan heard over and over again is " Desh ka neta kaisa ho?" ( What defines a leader of India?)
To answer that question and not mindlessly repeat what everyone else is saying I wanted to clearly objectify for myself the definition of a LEADER. I talked to a lot of people from the poor to the elite, to educated and uneducated and everyone in between and the qualities that everyone specifies are: A leader should be Selfless, Non Corruptible (haven't we all heard that term ;) ), has vision, values, maturity, can unite people and creates not just followers but more leaders. The order of these attributes is debatable and actually doesn't really matter, since they are all essential and not one can be compromised.
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