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Union Budget a damp squib

The party feels that the Budget presented by the Finance Minister, Mr Arun Jaitley has disappointed the Aam Aadmi who had great expectations from the Modi government, especially on the issues of price rise and job creation.  On these two issues the budget offers nothing.

People had expected some concrete and long term steps from the government in the direction of curbing price rise and generating job opportunities. Apart from this, the budget also does not spell out government’s plan to deal with impending drought when the agriculture sector is facing acute stagnation.

The Aam Aadmi Party wants to remind the Finance Minister that his party had promised to the people a slew of measures to curb price rise and inflation. These measures included setting up of special courts to stop hoarding and black marketing, but it did not find mention in the Union Budget presented today. Read More

Budget announcement on Delhi reforms lack clarity

Finance minister Mr Arun Jaitley’s announcement of providing Rs 200 crore for power reforms and Rs 500 crore for water reforms in Delhi lacks clarity and runs the risk of finally ending up helping the private companies and contractors only.

It would have been better had the finance minister made a specific announcement on how this money being given by the central government will be utilized, since currently the national capital is under its rule.

Mr Jaitley has linked his budget announcement for power reforms in Delhi to problems in the city’s transmission network. Since privatization of power in the city more than a decade back, the government’s stake is merely 50% and the rest belongs to these private power distribution companies. Read More

Expectations From The General Budget

The Aam Aadmi Party wishes to remind the Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi of the promises that he and his party had made during elections. We sincerely hope that these promises were not merely slogans to garner votes and the Modi Government is serious about them. The first General Budget of the NDA government will be a test of its sincerity of the promises made in BJP’s manifesto.

Here is the wish list of the common man of this country from this general budget :



    Aam Aadmi Party Reaction on Rail Budget

    The people of the county had expected that the new government to lay down its roadmap to improve the efficiency of the railways by curbing the price distortion and corruption, two major problems currently plaguing this critical sector, but the budget appears to be silent on addressing these long term concerns and belies expectations of a long term vision.

    There is nothing concrete in this budget on the improvement of safety and maintenance of the massive railway network across the country. Nearly 2.5 lakh posts are lying vacant in the railways and out of these 1.6 lakh posts are in departments directly concerned with the railways safety, but nothing has been done to fill up these posts. Read More

    BJP U Turn on Rail Fare Hike

    What was wrong before getting elected suddenly becomes right, once BJP is in government. Sh. Narendra Modi had opposed the very same action just a few months back. What about his promises to the Aam aadmi of this country? Steep hike in rail fares, with no announcement or plan of better service by the railways will hurt the budgets of millions of Indians.  Read More

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