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DERC law needs changes to make it accountable to the people

The Aam Aadmi Party demands that the central law governing the functioning of the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission should be amended to make it accountable to the people, given the DERC’s extreme reluctance to fix the accountability for power cuts in Delhi and to check its arbitrariness in hiking electricity tarrifs. It has been more than two months that the DERC had itself announced its decision to probe within a week the reasons for long power cuts in the national capital during the scorching heat in the months of May and June, but strangely it is still silent over the issue. Read More

Delhi Budget - 2014

Today Arun Jaitley presented the Delhi budget in Loksabha and contradicted his own previous statement against subsidy by giving a huge subsidy on electricity ion Delhi. It is notable that yesterday only DERC has increased power tariffs by 8.32% after which AAP did a silent protest using human banners.  Read More

Budget announcement on Delhi reforms lack clarity

Finance minister Mr Arun Jaitley’s announcement of providing Rs 200 crore for power reforms and Rs 500 crore for water reforms in Delhi lacks clarity and runs the risk of finally ending up helping the private companies and contractors only.

It would have been better had the finance minister made a specific announcement on how this money being given by the central government will be utilized, since currently the national capital is under its rule.

Mr Jaitley has linked his budget announcement for power reforms in Delhi to problems in the city’s transmission network. Since privatization of power in the city more than a decade back, the government’s stake is merely 50% and the rest belongs to these private power distribution companies. Read More

Discoms CAG audit issue to be raised in Parliament

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Monday decided to raise the issue of ongoing attempts to scuttle the audit of the account books of private power distribution companies (discoms) in Delhi by the Comptroller and Auditor General. The AAP parliamentary party leader Dr Dharamvira Gandhi mentioned the issue in the all-party meeting, which had been convened by the parliamentary affairs minister Mr Venkaiah Naidu.

The AAP is of the clear view that the absence of an elected government in Delhi is being used as an excuse to quietly push anti-people decisions like the imminent electricity tariff hike, for which nobody will take the responsibility. Read More

Conspiracy to force CAG to drop discoms audit

The latest letter by the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) to the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi has exposed the conspiracy hatched to prevent the frauds committed by private power distribution companies from being made public.

The ongoing CAG audit has made the discoms extremely nervous and after all their desperate attempts to stall their account books from being scrutinised have failed, they have hatched a conspiracy with active help from the BJP and the Congress to delay the audit and frustrate the CAG. Read More

Delhi Discoms not cooperating in Audit: CAG

Source: - The Aam Aadmi Party-led government had ordered an audit of the companies in January which had been challenged in the High Court. The Court had allowed the audit to continue while the plea is being heard.

The Comptroller and Auditor General has asked Lieutenant-Governor Najeeb Jung to be proactive in ensuring that the three private power distribution companies cooperate with government auditors.


DERC impartiality is under doubt

Aam Aadmi Party agrees with and fully supports the demand of the various resident welfare associations to postpone any such public discussion on the petitions submitted by the discoms till the ongoing audit of their accounts by the Comptroller and Auditor General (C&AG) is completed. Read More

Electricity & Water situation in Delhi goes from bad to Worse

It's 10 PM ...entire road from nangloi to najafgarh blocked by people water and electricity since 3 days ...
Today they were remembering Arvind Kejriwal ( wish I could have recorded the conversation ) most of them said they didn't knew this is " Ache din" ..Both BJP MLA and MP are nowhere seen Read More

Make Delhi's emergency electricity restoration plan public

The silence of both, the BJP and the Congress on the functioning of discoms and their inability to ensure uninterrupted power supply, gives rise to reasonable apprehension about their close relations with these discoms.

The people of Delhi can no longer be fooled by the BJP and the Congress, and both parties need to answer the following questions to let the world know on where they stand on this serious issue : Read More


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