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Loksabha Elections 2014 Nominations

BJP goons did not spare women volunteers either

BJP attacks women volunteers of AAP

In a shocking incident yesterday (May 8) in Banaras, BJP goons pelted stones at AAP's women volunteers. The impact of the attack is visible from the image of the left. One of our volunteers was hit by a stone thrown at them and started bleeding from her forehead. A few days ago, a few other volunteers were thrashed mercilesslessly by BJP supporters at Assi Ghat.

AAP Manifesto 2014

Aam Aadmi Party has announced its manifesto for the 2014 Elections. It lays its foundation of the Manifesto on "Swaraj", or rule of the people. It talks about how swaraj can bring an end to corruption and ensure accessible justice for the people.  Read More

Mr Modi hiding facts on President's rule in Delhi

Did the BJP’s Delhi unit and central leadership not inform its Prime Ministerial candidate that its MLAs had joined hands with the Congress in the Delhi assembly on February 14 to defeat the introduction of the Janlokpal bill by the AAP government ?

Is Mr Modi unaware that his party’s Delhi unit has so far shied away from expressing any opinion on the decision of the Arvind Kejriwal cabinet’s recommendation to the Lieutenant Governor to dissolve the state assembly when it resigned after its proposal on Janlokpal was defeated in the assembly ? Read More

Lok Sabha 2014 Elections - Candidate Selection Process

Lok Sabha 2014 Elections - Candidate Selection Process 


1. Nomination Forms are received by email/Hand /Post.

2. Forms are screened and shortlisted for Interview.

3. Shortlisted Applicants are called for Interview at State or Delhi Office.

4. Interview Committees send Applicants' Feedback to PAC Read More

FAQ - Contesting for Lok Sabha Election

FAQ - Contesting for Lok Sabha Election


Q1. Can a non-citizen be a candidate?

Answer- No. Only an Indian Citizen can apply.


Q2. What is the minimum age for becoming a candidate for Lok Sabha election?

Answer- Twenty Five Years (Basically all those who are born before 31st March, 1989)

  Read More

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